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This beast raped, butchered, mutilated this 14-year-old schoolgirl

The beast

A SCHOOLGIRL was raped and butchered by a convicted murderer who was released from jail just months before the attack, it emerged  today.

The dismembered body of the 14-year-old, identified as Kristina Smirnova, was found in a barn by her family on Monday night, two days after she went missing.

Sergey Shcherbakov, 61, told cops after his arrest that he was “heavily drunk” when he slaughtered and carved up the teen near Lake Seliger in western Russia.

The girl’s genitals were mutilated, her limbs chopped off and her face smashed in.

The shocking bloodbath left even hardened crime scene investigators feeling “sickened”.

The late schoolgirl

One cop said: “There’s almost nothing left from the girl.”

Kristina was last seen on Saturday when her family said she went for a bike ride near a relative’s home.

Her unnamed mum told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: “My daughter would never have had anything to do with strangers.”

The police were alerted when a member of her family – a military doctor named Vyacheslav – found Kristina’s remains in the barn.

Shcherbakov admitted to the police that he had undressed the girl and used an axe on her, a video showed.

But the beast refused to reveal the reason why he carried out the horrific attack.

He said: “I had already explained this at the murder scene.”

Shcherbakov had previously raped, killed and dismembered his lover and served a 15-year sentence in jail.

He was released last year and was given a job by the Orthodox Church at Nilov monastery on an island in Seliger Lake.

But he was thrown out several months ago by priests after coming to the monastery drunk with a woman.






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