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SEX SCANDAL..Asia Argento cancels music festival appearance

Argento with the boy

Asia Argento has pulled out of an appearance at Le Guess Who music festival in the Netherlands this weekend.

‘Due to the volatile nature of the accusations surrounding Ms. Argento, she has chosen to withdraw from her curatorship of this year’s edition, while these issues remain open,’ said festival organisers in a statement obtained by DailyMail.com.

‘Le Guess Who? supports her decision, as we consider it our responsibility to represent, to the best of our ability, the interests and integrity of all artists involved with our organisation, and we strive to do this with sensitivity and respect.’

The n statement went on to state: ‘Le Guess Who still supports all curated artists and their artistic output, and intends to keep all these artists involved within the general program for the 2018 edition.’

This news comes hours after the publication of text messages that were allegedly sent by Asia Argento to a friend on Monday reveal that the actress did in fact have sex with her former costar Jimmy Bennett when she was 37 and the boy just 17.

TMZ published the texts, including one that reads: ‘It wasn’t raped but I was frozen. He was on top of me. After, he told me I had been his sexual fantasy since was 12.’

One day later, Argento denied ever having sex with Bennett in a statement while suggesting the young man extorted her and late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain, who paid out the settlement.

TMZ also published an image reported to be a post-coital photo of the two taken in May 2013.



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