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Must Christians fall under Holy Ghost anointing?

A cross-section of worshippers


There is this fallacy in some quarters that when a Christian is under the influence of the Holy Ghost, he/she must fall. If you refuse to fall, you could be branded a demonic and intransigent worshipper.

To these deceivers, falling under the anointing of the Holy Ghost is a divine approval of their calling as ministers; hence it is a tradition in their assemblies. So, it is a common sight to see worshippers falling down and rolling on the ground in the name of being under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

As gullible as these worshippers are, they have accepted this queer practice as something normal.

But what is the position of the Holy Bible on this? In Acts 2, when the Holy Ghost descended on believers on the day of Pentecost, we are not told that they fell and rolled on the ground.

Consequent upon the Holy Ghost possessing them, we are told in Acts 2: 4 that they were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

The Bible does not tell us that the believers fell and rolled on the ground as is the practice in some assemblies today.

It is clear from the foregoing that those, who think they are falling under the influence of the Holy Ghost, are actually falling under the anointing of an unholy ghost.

I want to corroborate my point with a story an overseer of an Ejigbo, Lagos-based church told me a couple of years ago.

According to him, a self-styled minister of God was invited to minister at a church service. In his desperate bid to prove that he was heavily anointed, the minister had gone to the office of another self-acclaimed man of God before the service to borrow his magical anointing oil.

The ‘old prophet’ was not around when the ‘young prophet’ called. He reportedly found two bottles of anointing oil on his table. He opened one and anointed himself in preparation for the service.

At the service, he was said to have got more than he bargained for. As he was ministering, any direction he pointed his hand, worshippers would fall, prompting the ‘old prophet’ who owned the anointing oil, to run to the magical preacher to ask him which of the two he used.

He told him the one in a particular bottle and the ‘old prophet’ said that one was meant for a special programme. When the rate at which worshippers were falling became unbearable, the service was cancelled.

This is one of the evils that characterize ministry today. Most ministers are too desperate to see miracles happen in their ministrations.

They have failed to recognise the fact that no minister of God is a miracle worker but only the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The reason is just that they want to acquire wealth overnight, cruising about in expensive cars to the detriment of their souls and those of the members.

These deceivers measure success in ministry by the number of flashy cars a minister has and the number of mansions he has built.

They have sold their souls to the devil in their desperate bid to perform miracles to rip off their gullible and unsuspecting church members.

Be careful what oil is used to anoint you so that your problems don’t get multiplied. There is a particular church in Ikotun, a Lagos suburb, where people are forced to fall during their healing session.

Workers in that church stand behind the people waiting to be healed. And as prayers are being offered, people are pushed to fall. You must just fall and vomit something. This is one major blunder in ministry which, unfortunately, everybody sees as evidence that a minister is anointed.

However, people, who are possessed of evil spirits, can fall when they are being delivered. The reason is that during a deliverance session, such evil spirits normally put up stiff resistance, not wanting to be cast out and they can be very violent.

But when the Holy Ghost possesses you, He empowers you to do exploit for God. He does not make anyone to fall and roll on the ground. Let these erring ministers depart from this evil in their own interest and do the will of God.

Anything short of this will be tantamount to courting eternal damnation. A word is enough for the wise.

Pastor Wilfred Jibril can be reached on 08037831431 and via wilfredjibril@yahoo.com


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