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Man hides under woman’s bed for 14 hours after her boyfriend came home in middle of sex session

The man stayed under the bed all night until 9.30am

A MAN was forced to spend the night under his date’s bed instead of in it after her boyfriend came home from work.

The man, named Kane, recounted his bizarre story to Australian radio presenters Jackie O and Beau Ryan on KISSFM.

The man said he had been flirting with a woman on Instagram for a few days before they arranged their tryst at her house.

She had photos with another man on her page which aroused Kane’s suspicions, but when he asked she said they had broken up.

The woman claimed she had broken up with her boyfriend

He said: “This girl, I’ve been following her for a while on Instagram, she’s pretty decent, and she’s got a boyfriend but the other day I got a random follow from her.

“So then I messaged her and I said ‘Oh it’s a shame you’ve got a boyfriend’, and she wrote back, told me that they broke up.

“But she still had all his photos up and I thought it was a bit weird.

“We kept talking for a couple of days and she told me she lived by herself, organise a day to come over.”

So he headed over to her place, but she gave him specific instructions on where to park his car, which raised a red flag.

Kane, from Sydney, said: “She messaged me beforehand and said she lived in a house backed onto a park.

“She told me to park my car in front of the park and walk through the back.

“I asked her why and she said ‘because my neighbours ask questions’ so I thought oh whatever. I sort of knew then…”

Undeterred, they got down to business pretty quickly and things heated up in the bedroom – but he wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

The woman’s not ex-boyfriend came home from work.

Kane said: “So anyway, we got straight into it pretty much… and we’re going for like 20 minutes and then I see this – her bedroom’s at the front of the house – car pulls up.

“She freaks out, jumps off me, and starts running around.

The man was too afraid of snoring to fall asleep

“She’s like, ‘Go, run out the back door, run out the back door’. I’m trying to find my clothes.”

With time running out, he sees no other option than to dive under the bed.

He continued: “I thought when he goes into the shower, I’ll just get out and run then.

“But he’d come back from work, and straight into bed, and stayed there so I couldn’t go anywhere.”

Kane was trapped under the bed, and didn’t even go to sleep for fear of snoring and alerting the man to his presence.

And he didn’t fancy a fight either, describing the woman’s boyfriend as a big bloke with tattooed eyes.

He crawled under the bed around 8pm, and didn’t leave until 9.30am the next morning when the woman’s boyfriend had left.

Kane admitted: “It was just a mess.”

Eventually when he emerged, he asked for an explanation but the woman told him to “just go”, and promptly blocked him on all social media platforms.



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