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‘Ijoko Lemode police need patrol vehicle badly’

Chief Oladipupo


The Baba Loja of Ijoko Lemode market in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, Chief Dada Oladipupo, has called on government at all levels to equip the police at Ijoko Lemode to fight crimes successfully.

Speaking against the backdrop of the rising crime wave in the area in an interview with EDO VOICE, Chief Oladipupo, wondered how the police could effectively combat crimes on motorcycles.

He lamented that due to the insecurity in the area, the market is always invaded by robbers who have carted away mobile phones and chargers worth about N 2 million from some members of his association.

“Each time we are attacked by these undesirable elements, we don’t always make distress calls to the police because of their mobility handicap.  Since they don’t have a patrol vehicle, we don’t expect them to fly to the scene of crime. Something should be done urgently by the government to help them do their job better”, he enthused.

He bemoaned the inefficiency of the security guards they engaged to secure the market, adding that some of the often sleep off while on duty while one of them was recently caught stealing tomatoes.

Chief Oladipupo, therefore, urged the government to come to the rescue of the people by equipping the police to crush the criminals besieging the area.

He indicated the readiness of his association to assist in equipping the police once the people and government were ready to take the lead.

Recall that EDO VOICE had reported exclusively on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 that Ijoko Lemode was under robbers’ siege and that the police station had no patrol vehicle.

The policemen are always seen patrolling the area on motorcycles.



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