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House of Reps primary election: Odds stacked against Adjoto

Adjoto and Akpatason


The odds are apparently and incontrovertibly stacked against the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. Kabiru Adjoto as far as the yet-to-be-declared result of the House of Representatives primary election of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) held at Igarra, recently, is concerned.

The result could not be declared consequent upon the alleged violence and intimidation of voters which hallmarked the election, according to the Chairman of the State Primary Election Committee, Hajia Farida Suleiman.

The committee, which took a dim view of the violence, said the result would be published after a thorough investigation of the incident.

But one thing is clear: The odds are stacked against Hon. Adjoto who is enmeshed in the scandalous incident and only time will tell how he will extricate himself from the seemingly intractable quagmire.

While Hon Adjoto believes that the allegation of violence and voter intimidation leveled against his camp is baseless, Hon. Peter Akpatason, his only opponent in the election, and the Chairman of the election committee, Hajia Farida Suleima are on the same page with regard to the allegation.

Hon. Akpatason contended that there was heavy violence and that thugs were brought from neighbouring states to intimidate voters during the election, a view Hajia Suleiman shared, inevitably climaxing in the suspension of the declaration of the result.

Akpatason’s words: “How can he win? How is it possible for him to win?”

With the two political gladiators claiming victory in the election, the stage is set for a titanic intra-party battle which has the proclivity and potentiality of rocking the boat of the ruling APC in the local government area.

Regardless of where the pendulum of victory eventually swings, the general elections of 2019 will, no doubt, redefine the politics of Akoko-Edo Local Government Area.

The general elections will provide the good people of the local government area an ample opportunity to chase non-performers and clueless leaders out of power and install young, dynamic, dashing, visionary, altruistic, innovative and entrepreneurial leaders and representatives.

The main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) appears poised to trounce the APC at the general elections, capitalising on cases of impunity, maladministration and voter intimidation which have characterized APC and its leaders at various levels.


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