Home Judiciary Dad jailed after spending £10k sent to him in error by bank

Dad jailed after spending £10k sent to him in error by bank

Bailey Walton spent £10,000 after his girlfriend's wages were accidentally overpaid

A FATHER-of-two spent £10,000 thinking “it was Christmas” after being sent the money by mistake in a bungled bank transaction.

Bailey Walton, 22, had been struggling with debt after spending money on betting machines before he discovered the extra cash in the bank account he held on behalf of his girlfriend Lauren Wood.

The security guard used the money to pay off his debts before Wood’s boss Joanne Harvey realised she put an extra nought on her wages.

Wood, 24, had no idea about the extra cash.

Walton, of Little Hutlon near Salford, admitted theft and was ordered to pay back the cash.

He was sentenced at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester to 14 months’ jail and has to complete 240 hours unpaid work hours.

Wood was also charged with theft but the case against her was dropped.

The court heard the transaction happened on July 7 when Wood was employed by Harvey.

Walton had control of her account because she was unable to open one and when he discovered the extra cash he secretly spent it.

The error was only discovered a month a later.

Judge Bernard Lever said: “The employer made a mistake and he took advantage of this. He got a bank payment and thinks it’s Christmas. He didn’t intend to steal from her – it was her error that caused the problem.”

The judge told Walton: “Your partner was working for a small firm and therefore vulnerable to financial loss. Miss Harvey said her and the company have been caused great problems and inconvenience due to your dishonesty.

“She accidentally made a bank error and gave you 10 times as much as you should have got, being £10,000.

“Miss Harvey has said the actions caused by the loss to the company has caused upset as a result of your dishonesty. You were not in a position of trust but in responsibility.

“You have a gambling problem and money issues and you took advantage of the mistake that was made.

“You could have returned the money, but you dissipated it.”

The court heard Walton and Miss Wood have two children one aged six and the other a baby in need of an operation.

The 22-year-old had control of his girlfriend Lauren Wood’s account because she couldn’t open one

Defence lawyer Adam Brown said in mitigation: “They have another baby on the way and an eight week old baby currently.

“The money has now been dissipated as he had significant gambling debts. He gave it to people who he owed money to and he regrets doing it.



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