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BLOOD FLOWS: 19 students killed, 40 injured in bomb blast

A rescuer carries an injured victim of a blast at at a college in the city of Kerch

AT least 19 students and teachers have been killed and 40 injured after a deranged schoolboy detonated a bomb inside a Crimea school canteen and gunned down fellow pupils.

Suspected gunman Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, ran through the complex shooting everyone he saw and detonated a home-made bomb packed with metal shards in the dining room.

The teenager’s body was found in the school’s library where he is believed to have shot himself dead after the murder spree which lasted 15 minutes.

Russian TV interviewed a friend of the killer who said he “hated the technical school very much because of the evil teachers…he hinted that he would take revenge on them”.

Terrorism was initially blamed but Russian officials later reclassified the bloodbath as a “mass murder”.

Sergei Aksyonov, the regional leader in Crimea, said the fourth-year student at the school had acted alone.

The committee said all the victims died of gunshot wounds.

Officials said an “unidentified explosive device” was detonated at the technical college in Kerch, close to where a new bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia has been built.

A second bomb found on the killer was later disarmed.

One survivor of the attack said she was lucky to escape with her life.

She told RT: “My friend was killed right in front of me. I saw her fall and simply stop moving. I saw boys dropping dead and blood spilling around.”

Student Semyon Gavrilov said: “I looked outside the classroom and there was a guy with a gun shooting everyone.

“I locked myself in the classroom hoping he wouldn’t hear me. Ten minutes later the police with machine guns arrived.

“Four windows have been blown out in the corridor where the explosion was. There were bodies of the dead on the floor. The walls were charred.”

Victims were rushed to hospital after the shooting

Anastasia Yenshina, a 15-year-old student at the college, told Reuters: “I came out and there was dust and smoke, I couldn’t understand, I’d been deafened.

“Everyone started running. I did not know what to do. Then they told us to leave the building through the gymnasium.

“Everyone ran there… I saw a girl lying there. There was a child who was being helped to walk because he could not move on his own. The wall was covered in blood. Then everyone started to climb over the fence, and we could still hear explosions. Everyone was scared. People were crying.”

Around 40 people were injured in the killing spree including several with metal pieces embedded in their bodies from the bomb blast.

Sources revealed Roslyakov’s nurse mother Galina was treating wounded ferried from the attack to a local when she learned her son was responsible.

Police arrived to interrogate her and she was said to have left with detectives.

A local source said: “She is confused and cannot explain her son’s motives.”

One pupil, called Sergei, aged 15, said: “I arrived at the hospital, the scene there was awful. They’re bringing in people all covered in blood, some with arms missing, some with legs missing.”

Friends of Roslyakov said he was not very sociable and often put gloomy posts on his social media page.



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